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Don't put off creating your estate plan any longer

Some adults think that they don't need to get an estate plan together. One of these reasons is that they think they are relatively young and have plenty of time to address this issue in the future. This isn't the case. Anything could happen to anyone at anytime. Taking the time to get an estate plan created now can help you rest assured that your affairs are in order just in case something does happen.

Think about the goals that you have for your estate when you are gone. These are the backbones of the estate plan. One thing that is often a concern is leaving as much as possible behind. Reducing the estate tax your loved ones will have to pay can help you pass on as much as possible to them. You should learn the legal ways that you can reduce the estate tax so you can determine if you are going to use any of them.

Have you registered your advance medical directive in Arizona?

Here in Arizona, residents enjoy the opportunity to file an advance medical directive with the Advance Directive Registry operated by the Arizona Secretary of State's Office. The registry is a free service, but it is important to properly prepare and file your directive if you wish to fully take advantage of this very useful tool.

The registry is an online tool allowing anyone you authorize to access your advance medical directive online at anytime. You simply file your properly created medical directive with the registry using the state's guidelines and create a unique password. You may share your password with anyone you want to have access to the directive, such as a spouse, guardian or other trusted party, and they may access it at anytime from anywhere in the world as long as they have internet access.

Does a bad Yelp review constitute libel?

Many people utilize social media to figure out whether to go to a particular business. The most popular of these review sites is Yelp. Every month, the site sees about 142 million unique users post reviews for restaurants, gyms, retail shops and more. 

One of the worst things for a business owner to discover is an incredibly bad review on Yelp. There are ways to handle these types of reviews, and they do not always necessitate legal action. Entrepreneurs should always attempt to resolve problems internally before getting legal assistance. There are genuine times when someone posts libel on Yelp, but most of the time, it is merely an opinion.

When being a nuisance is a legal violation

Being a nuisance is more than just being annoying, and it's against the law. In fact, "The Law of Nuisance" is an ancient legal concept derived from the old English court system. The doctrine shows up frequently in disputes between neighbors.

If one neighbor is acting as a nuisance to another neighbor, then the neighbor being victimized by the nuisance-causing behavior may file a legal action in court. A public official might also sue a person who is being a nuisance on behalf of the larger community.

What businesses should know about trade libel in Arizona

It can be bad enough having someone go after your personal reputation. Trade libel is a type of defamation that aims to detract from the reputation of your business and products.

Some other terms for trade libel include commercial disparagement and slander of goods. These claims can be complex, so you may need an experienced lawyer to help you protect the business you have built.

Help your child get back into the swing of school after a divorce

Your divorce is something that can be difficult for your children to handle. One big issue is when they have to return to school after they find out about the separation. You can help your child to make the adjustment and continue to thrive in school.

Have a talk with your child about what will change since the divorce. Explain that the divorce isn't anything that your child should feel bad about. Let him or her know what expectations you have for school. Remind the children that both parents are still going to be here to support them in their schooling.

Family law cases can range from joyous to troublesome

Family law matters can range from ending a toxic marriage and handling child custody issues to adding a new member to your family through adoption. We understand that all family law cases are personal matters that are close to your heart. We can help you find out what options you have for handling these matters so that you can work toward meeting your goals.

In the case of a divorce, the stress you are likely going to feel might be mixed in with relief that the marriage is ending. You may wonder how your children are going to fare through the ordeal. The thought of having to divide property, come up with a parenting agreement and handle financial support issues might seem overwhelming. We can work with you to get one matter handled at a time.

Professional athletes are likely to file bankruptcy

Many people think that having money means that they aren't going to ever run into financial troubles. This isn't anywhere close to the case. Think about professional athletes. These individuals make millions of dollars to play ball, but many of them end up having to file for bankruptcy protection.

From 1996 to 2003, 16 percent of professional athletes filed for bankruptcy within 12 years after they retired. One reason why this occurs is because of the lack of financial education. They might see the money coming in and think of it as an infinite resource instead of a finite resource.

Enjoy protection from creditor harassment offered by bankruptcy

Bankruptcy protection has a negative stigma attached to it. This shouldn't be the case because bankruptcy is a valuable tool for people who are swimming in debt because of reasons they can't control.

We realize that things like medical bills or a job loss can cause undue financial strain on you. Even if you don't have any problems paying your credit card bills and other debts before the life-changing event, you might not be able to make it work after the event. This is where bankruptcy can come into the picture.

Your final days are important to think about when estate planning

Many people don't think about what they want their final days on Earth to be like, but this is actually something that you need to consider when making an estate plan. These final days can have many facets. When you mull the options you want, don't forget about the level of medical intervention you want to accept.

One thing that many people don't like to think about is whether they might not be able to speak up for what they want and don't want. This is why you need to make sure that you leave very specific written instructions for your medical care.

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