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December 2013 Archives

Mississipi files lawsuit against JPMorgan

Arizona residents may have heard that the investment bank, JPMorgan, was allegedly attempting to push its customers into paying debts that they were not obligated to pay. The Mississippi Attorney General is filing a lawsuit against JPMorgan and accusing it of credit-card misconduct.

Differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Arizona residents considering bankruptcy may be interested the case of one man who has filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy but is planning to walk away from his home. While the man has already undergone a loan modification, he suggests that he is still unable to pay the mortgage.

Credit card debt and bankruptcy

According to a recent survey, the top three reasons that people in Arizona and other states file for bankruptcy are credit card debt, having their home foreclosed upon and losing a job. However, credit card debt is by far the main reason that people file, with more than a third of respondents citing this type of debt as their reason for filing.

Clear up the medical bills

One of the most common forms of debt for Arizona residents may be medical obligations. In fact, it is an issue that often leaves both the insured and underinsured wondering how large medical debts will be paid. Bankruptcy is an option, but medical bills can be different from credit card debt, so it may be worth investigating the possibility of creating a manageable payment plan or negotiating a reduced lump sum settlement.

Dan R. Dodds Dan R. Dodds

At the Dodds Law Firm, I focus my practice on the needs of individuals who have suffered losses because of abusive, deceptive or unfair conduct by others. I also provide comprehensive counsel in all matters related to Chapter 7 and Chapter 13...Read More

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