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January 2014 Archives

Tips for handling credit wisely

Experian, one of the top-three credit-reporting companies in the nation, released a study exploring how baby boomers in Arizona and across the nation depend on credit compared with other age groups. It found that millennials struggle the most with debt and managing their money.

Seniors with fixed incomes can fix debt problems

Like other Americans nowadays, a growing number of seniors living in Arizona face large balances accumulated on multiple credit cards and personal loans that literally increase daily due to high interest. This means that minimum monthly payments to each bank and credit card company often makes little progress toward eliminating cumbersome consumer debt.

Arizona residents face challenges paying medical bills

According to research by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, one out of every three Americans struggles to pay medical bills. Even if someone has insurance, it does not protect them from accruing large amounts of medical debt. In fact, based on in information from the study, the majority of Americans who are struggling to pay these bills are insured, mostly continuously and through group plans offered by their employer.

Credit and debt management plans

When a person in Arizona has a mountain of bills they are unsure how to handle, they might consider debt consolidation. One common question that regularly comes up is the effect that debt consolidation will have on a person's credit. While every situation can vary, certain tips might be able to help a person improve their credit when they consolidate their debts.

Lower-income Americans suffer medical woes and related bills

Even after the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in Arizona and across the nation, people have questions about paying medical bills. One woman in Iowa has battled kidney disease for more than three decades in addition to suffering from cancer and a knee injury, resulting in significant financial challenges even with two jobs and health insurance. One hospital bill in 2013 alone reportedly totaled more than $26,000. Although insurance paid some of the expenses, they didn't cover it all.

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