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April 2014 Archives

Credit card debt in Arizona

It has to come to where Americans are now willing to admit their weight than their credit card debt. The results of a recent survey show that 40 percent of the respondents are more ashamed of the amount of debt on their credit card than they are of how much they weigh or their age. Second to credit card debt is the credit score. Less than 15 percent of those surveyed said that they are embarrassed by their weight. The survey was conducted by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

Medical expenses leading cause of bankruptcy

Arizona residents might be interested in the findings of a new report by the National Center for Healthcare Statistics. According to the report, medical bills lead to more bankruptcies in the United States than any other single cause. The year 2013 saw approximately 1.7 million Americans declare bankruptcy as a result of medical expenses.

Protection from creditors during a second marriage

When an Arizona couple in their 60s decides to take the plunge and remarry, they might wonder how that will affect their retirement accounts. One party might bring debt, such as credit cards or medical bills, to the union while the other is debt-free with retirement monies in place. Retirement accounts are generally safe from creditors even if someone has medical bills that are not covered by insurance. Even if the debt forces one party to later declare bankruptcy, creditors will not be able to access the funds in employer-provided retirement accounts.

Defunct minor league hockey team files Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Hockey fans in Arizona may be familiar with the folding of the Trenton Titans last year. The Titans, a member of the Eastern Hockey League, began losing money after failing to make the playoffs in their last four years amid decreased attendance. The current owners of the team have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection.

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