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April 2015 Archives

Medical bills commonly have billing errors

Medical centers in Arizona and other parts of the country frequently send patients bills with mistakes such as charges for diagnostic tests not performed or double billing for procedures. In a 2013 study of hospital audits, a consumer finance website found that almost 49 percent of bills sent to Medicare contained errors. Some facilities audited had an error rate of 80 percent.

Arizona students may be eligible for student loan discharge

Arizona students and alumni may be under the common misconception that student loan debts are not eligible to be discharged during the bankruptcy process. While legislation varies from one state to the next, only certain Arizona student loans are protected under bankruptcy guidelines that prevent certain forms of debt from being discharged. While government-funded student loans are not eligible for discharge, many private student loans are treated as any other form of debt during the bankruptcy process.

Solutions for people struggling with debts

In today's economy, many residents of Arizona and across the nation are experiencing financial hardships. Whether the problem began with a job loss, a serious health setback or simply from overspending, there are several solutions to help people become free from their debts.

Credit reporting agency reform will help consumers

The newly created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced an agreement that will likely improve Arizona consumers' experience with credit reporting. Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, the three major credit reporting agencies, have agreed to make changes in their practices in areas related to the investigation of complaints and the types of debts and fees that affect credit reports.

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