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Debt Management Archives

Financial planning through your life can prevent problems

Sometimes debt issues result from one or a serious of unexpected events, such as a medical crisis, job loss or divorce. However, often they are preventable if you've been conscientious about financial planning throughout your adult life. This can help you have a cushion to weather these blows to your savings.

Credit counseling isn't just for people with debt issues

Too many people put off seeking credit counseling until they're in serious debt or it's required as part of a bankruptcy filing. People tend to be reactive, seeking help only when things are going badly. However, being proactive about your finances and planning for financial curveballs that may come along can save you from serious problems later.

How you can help avoid going into holiday debt

Many people enter the holiday season determined not to overspend. However, retailers know how to break down consumer resistance. Soon, we've gone over our budget for Christmas presents. Add the cost of decorations, a holiday party ensemble or two, entertainment expenses and many people start the new year with dwindling bank accounts and serious credit card debt.

When are debts discharged in bankruptcy?

Aside from wondering what kind of bankruptcy is right for them and whether their debts can be discharged in their proceedings, Arizona clients usually want to know how soon their debts can be discharged. This article will discuss the answer to this question in a little bit more detail so prospective bankruptcy filers can get a feel for timing in their bankruptcy process.

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