Adopting a child can be a very monumental and celebratory occasion for a family. At the Dodds Law Firm our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys are here to assist you through all aspects of the adoption process whether through an adoption agency, or through a severance of parental rights.

Often time's adoptions are not contested, although there are still important legal procedures which must be followed if the adoption process is to be successfully accomplished. As a result, most people are well served to retain an attorney to advance their interests during the adoption process.

When an adoption is contested, seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney is most often the wisest course of conduct to assist you in navigating the adoption process from filing the paperwork to the final resolution of the proceeding.

At the Dodds Law Firm, our experienced attorneys will work collaboratively, on your behalf, with all parties involved. We seek ways to minimize and resolve unnecessary disputes, thus lowering the overall cost of the adoption to you. When a negotiated resolution is not available, our experienced attorneys are prepared to strongly advocate for your interests in the courtroom.