Your Legal Advocate In Juvenile Guardianship Matters

In the State of Arizona, the Department of Child Safety can initiate a petition to declare your child a dependent of the state. The reason the State may bring these petitions varies tremendously. If your child has been made a dependent of the state, your child may be placed in foster care, a group home or with another family member. During these times it is imperative for you to be represented by experienced and knowledgeable attorneys.

The attorneys at the Dodds Law Firm are prepared to effectively advocate for you through the entire process with the goal of dismissing the state's dependency petition when it is appropriate to do so, so that you and your children may be reunited.

The Dodds Law firm also represents individuals who have had a family member's children placed with them. We will work to see that the Department of Child Safety guidelines are followed and, if necessary, seek a severance of parental rights and a permanent placement of these children with you.

At the Dodds Law Firm, our experienced attorneys will work collaboratively on your behalf, with all parties involved to achieve the best possible outcome. In doing so, we seek ways to minimize and resolve unnecessary or unproductive disputes that have arisen, thus lowering the overall litigation cost to you. However, when a negotiated resolution is not available, our experienced attorneys will be a strong advocate for your interests in the courtroom.