We recently read an article concerning what an individual from Arizona may consider when choosing an attorney to help in the filing of a bankruptcy.  Overall, the article emphasized the need for professionalism in an attorney who can focus in on the client’s personal needs.

It does make sense for anyone filing for Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy to meet with a number of bankruptcy attorneys before deciding which one to go with.  Individuals are entrusting the lawyer that performs their bankruptcy with data and information that needs to be handled in an appropriate manner.

Some specific suggestions as to what to look for would also include:

  • Finding an attorney that provides the client with a number of options rather than dictates what course of action the client should take. When it comes to bankruptcy, something that may work for one client will not necessarily work for all of them. Though certain clients choose Chapter 7 for various reasons, Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be beneficial for those with money to pay off certain debts that have concerns about certain property being seized through a Chapter 7 process.
  • Look for lawyers that are passionate about helping you out. Finding an attorney that sympathizes and understands one’s concerns will mean that they are not going to take shortcuts when it comes to handling one’s case.
  • Avoid bankruptcy attorneys that are handling cases in bulk and claiming to charge a small fee. These attorneys often will not provide clients with the specific attention that they deserve. It must be remembered that every bankruptcy is an individual undertaking.

Deciding whether or not to file bankruptcy can often be an extremely difficult choice. It helps to have a professional on one’s side that can make the process easier.

Source: Fox Business, “How to Pick a Bankruptcy Attorney,” Erica Sandberg, May 21, 2013