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How personal and business credit cards differ

Arizona residents who own small businesses may wonder about the benefits of opening a business credit card. There are some important differences between personal and business credit cards. Understanding those differences can help consumers make an informed decision.

Increasing bankruptcies due to medical bills

An increasing number of Arizona residents who file for bankruptcy may be doing so due to medical expenses, not home loans or credit card debt. This is especially true for individuals who lack medical insurance. When someone is in poor health and they do not have health insurance to mitigate the costs of doctors' visits, tests and medications, medical expenses can pile up quickly. Individuals who seek treatment may also pay for treatments with credit cards, putting them further in debt.

How credit card debt is handled at death

Arizona residents who've had a loved one pass away may be concerned about paying off any credit card debt left behind. Taking the time to understand how the law handles credit card debt might help clear up any confusion that can arise in such a situation. Determining how the accounts were set up can help determine who's responsible for paying the debt back.

Can Arizonians stop medical bills from being sent to collections?

An unexpected medical bill can lead to out-of-control debt when a Phoenix resident isn't able to pay it off in a timely manner. This happened to a parent trying to pay offer her daughter's cardiology bill, which was initially $1,300. After the insurance provider's discount, the remaining balance was $965. The woman paid at least $150 for three months to get the balance to about $550. However, the billing department's office wants her to either auto pay or pay in full, neither of which she can do. She received notice that the department would send the bill to collections, which is something that she didn't want.

Does a small business failure equal personal bankruptcy?

When a small business fails, many owners are left wondering if they will have to declare personal bankruptcy to protect their assets. Struggling with debt is difficult, and it can be even more complicated when a business' expenses are getting out of hand.

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