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Foreclosures and bankruptcy.

When one files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a common concern is whether a bank may foreclose on a property during the bankruptcy proceeding or following the proceeding. While some people file for bankruptcy with the sole intention of avoiding foreclosure, they should be careful in doing so. Banks may still be able to proceed with foreclosure even if a homeowner has filed for bankruptcy.

Thinking move positively about bankruptcy

No one living in Phoenix may want to have to file for bankruptcy. Many people attach a stigma to bankruptcy and those who file for it, but much of that stigma should be disregarded by those who no longer have the means to pay their bills. For many people, filing for bankruptcy is the only way to get out from under their debt and get a fresh financial start.

Knowing when to pay off high-interested credit card debt

Paying off credit cards with high interest in full might seem like a good idea, but sometimes paying off debt gradually can often serve as a better solution. In different parts of the United States, including Arizona, the average individual has over $4,000 in debt. Paying off credit card debt often doesn't solve spending problems and can lead to more debt when individuals spend money they set aside for something else. Paying off debt with inheritance money or bonuses may seem like a solution but starting to build up their savings and stay out of debt permanently can help people avoid future href= "/Practice-Areas/Bankruptcy.shtml>financial challenges.

When the wedding doesn't happen

When couples make wedding plans, it is done with the idea that the money spent will be used to celebrate an important day. However, Arizona residents may wonder what happens if the engagement is broken partway through the planning and purchasing stage. The question may arise as to who is really responsible for credit card debt incurred for items like dresses and engagement rings.

Debt collection agency fined for illegal activities

A national debt collection service with operations in Phoenix has been censured by the Federal Trade Commission for aggressive, invasive and misleading practices. They agreed to settle the case against them for a one million dollar civil penalty, although they have admitted no wrongdoing for engaging in unethical practices such as fraudulent text messaging and deceptively threatening to have debtors arrested.

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