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Explaining what qualifies as a tort

Have you ever wondered what a tort is? It is a commonly used term in the legal world that not many people truly understand. A tort is defined as a personal injury that was the cause of a civil mistake, not a criminal wrongdoing. Here is a brief explanation of what qualifies as a tort in Arizona.

Could a special needs trust help a child with an addiction?

Addiction is a growing national problem -- and if you're the parent of an addict, you may be afraid of what happens when you die. Not only could everything you've worked to provide your child with once you're gone be rapidly depleted in order to feed his or her habit, the ability to pay for more drugs could cost your child his or her life.

Differences between defamation, opinion, slander and libel

Regardless of which side of a lawsuit a person is on, it is vital to understand legal definitions. Cornell Law School has great information about what exactly constitutes defamation. According to the school, defamation is when one party uses speech to create emotional distress or damage the reputation of another party. 

Do I need to file my overdue taxes before Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

One of the federal requirements for Chapter 13 bankruptcy filers is that you have filed all of your tax returns within the last four years of your filing. You must also file all tax return that are due following the initiation of your bankruptcy proceedings.

A recent same-sex divorce could change parenthood

The legalization of gay marriage approximately two years ago meant that same-sex couples had something amazing to celebrate: they could now get married in any of the 50 United States. In addition to celebration, however, over the past two years, the legalization of gay marriage has also brought about some legal challenges -- particularly in the realm of child custody.

What are the elements of a defamation claim?

We all have a reputation, and most of us rely economically on having a good one. For example, it doesn't matter if you're a dishwasher or a corporate executive. If someone says something untrue about you -- particularly if it paints you in a bad light or makes you look like a bad person -- you could lose your job. Because defamation has the power to destroy your life and your career, it's unlawful.

Estate planning: Review your beneficiary designations now

There's a typical estate planning mistake that catches many American families by surprise. It involves the beneficiary designations that are often attached to financial accounts. Your individual retirement accounts (IRAs), your 401(k)s and your insurance policies probably have beneficiary designations, a form that you fill out to state who will receive the assets contained in these accounts after you die.

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