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The negative effects of mold exposure

When black mold invades a property, it can cause numerous health problems among the people who live and work in the building. Perhaps you and others inside a building or home have coughs that won't go away. It's important to investigate whether black mold could be a problem, and whether you are living or working in a so-called "sick building."

Your health care agent must be selected very carefully

One of the most important decisions that you have to make about your estate plan doesn't have anything to do with your assets. You will need to select a health care agent. This designation requires a lot of trust and gives the person considerable responsibility. It is imperative that you think carefully about who you give this duty to.

How to avoid and prevent contract disputes

Contract disputes are some of the most common legal conflicts that arise in doing business. Since contracts govern almost every aspect of a business exchange between two parties who agree to work together, it is essential that the contracts provide adequate protection for the parties in the event of a dispute.

How do criminal cases differ from civil ones?

There are some incidents that can result in more than one legal case. This surprises some people, but this isn't a violation of the double jeopardy law. It is possible to face a criminal charge and a civil charge in connection with one event. A person can also have one type of case and not the other.

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