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Why 'gray divorce' can be financially devastating

Divorce among people over 50 (which carries the unfortunate moniker "gray divorce") has been increasing. It might seem like older couples would typically have more assets to split than younger ones, and would be more likely to land on their feet financially. However, divorce in later years can often be financially devastating -- particularly for women.

Dealing with a child's sleep problems during divorce

The stress and anxiety of parental divorce can have serious physical and emotional impacts on kids. One common manifestation of this anxiety is difficulty sleeping. Getting enough sleep is essential for the growth and development of a child. Therefore, it's important for parents to work together -- regardless of how frayed their own relationship may be -- to help their child who isn't sleeping (or who perhaps is sleeping too much in an effort to escape the stress they're feeling),

Overcoming negative communication patterns with your co-parent

One of the biggest challenges facing divorced spouses who have kids is how to transition from communicating as marital partners to communicating as co-parents. That can be difficult when the relationship has been seriously damaged by one or both spouses' bad behavior. It may be difficult, if not impossible, to summon any kind positive feelings toward one another.

Do you have a summer custody schedule in place?

If you and your soon-to-be ex are in the process of drawing up your child custody and visitation agreement, it's important to include a section that addresses how your children will divide their time during the summer. You'll need to address things like whether one or both parents will have longer stretches of custody than usual, who will care for the kids during the day and whether there are restrictions on where either parent can take the kids on vacation.

Parenting agreement violations

As you attempt to settle your child custody case outside of court, you'll find yourself negotiating a variety of terms with your spouse. Every decision you make is included in a parenting agreement. This document is designed to help both parents understand their legal rights and responsibilities in the future.

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