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A Tuscon lesbian argues against sharing custody of her child

On the morning of Monday, Feb. 26, the United States Supreme Court rejected a Tucson woman's stance that her marriage, as a gay woman, is different from ones that heterosexual couples have as it relates to divorce. The justices even refused to issue a comment to respond to the woman's claim.

Moving with a child after divorce isn't always easy

Almost all adults are free to move about as they want. They can pick up and relocate at the drop of a hat if they so choose. That is, unless they have a child custody order governing their children. In that case, the adult is free to move, but the child might not be able to. This puts the parent in a precarious decision.

You put a ring on it then broke up. Where does the ring go now?

Getting down on one knee to propose marriage is a big step in a person's life. In many cases, this comes along with a nice ring to put on the woman's finger. Many people just assume that the wedding will go off without a hitch after the proposal, but this isn't always the case.

Surrogacy isn't always easy so protect your own interests

Some people are unable to carry a baby so they turn to surrogacy to be able to have a child. For everyone involved in this situation, it is imperative that they ensure that their interests are protected. There are many different things that you have to consider if you are thinking about using surrogacy.

Don't put off creating your estate plan any longer

Some adults think that they don't need to get an estate plan together. One of these reasons is that they think they are relatively young and have plenty of time to address this issue in the future. This isn't the case. Anything could happen to anyone at anytime. Taking the time to get an estate plan created now can help you rest assured that your affairs are in order just in case something does happen.

Help your child get back into the swing of school after a divorce

Your divorce is something that can be difficult for your children to handle. One big issue is when they have to return to school after they find out about the separation. You can help your child to make the adjustment and continue to thrive in school.

Family law cases can range from joyous to troublesome

Family law matters can range from ending a toxic marriage and handling child custody issues to adding a new member to your family through adoption. We understand that all family law cases are personal matters that are close to your heart. We can help you find out what options you have for handling these matters so that you can work toward meeting your goals.

Same-sex couples have full parental rights in Arizona

The Arizona Supreme Court took a big step in guaranteeing that same-sex couples can enjoy another protection that has been historically reserved for opposite-sex couples. A recent ruling grants same-sex parents full parental rights in the same way that those rights usually apply to fathers.

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