Mismanaged legal disputes can mean serious financial consequences. Many people who try to face down lawsuits on their own can end with an untenable debt situations. Even if you aren’t worried about paying the bills tomorrow, litigation can cause problems for your business, your productivity, or your brand. This is especially true for construction companies or contractors, who can quickly become embroiled in numerous legal battles regarding disagreements over contracts or liability for an incident involving the building or other work.

Construction law is not always straightforward, and you could become involved in a legal dispute simply because you did what you felt was the right thing in a given circumstance. For example, if you believe that the person you are doing work for is not holding up his or her end of a financial deal — or is requiring work outside of the original scope of the contract — you might walk away after you feel you met the required obligations. Because perceptions vary from party to party in a construction deal, the other side might have an equal belief that you did not meet requirements.

Such a situation is often the basis for a construction dispute, and the answer ultimately comes down to the contract and the interpretation of the law. Without an experienced attorney on your side, you could face a legal battle that is dominated by the other party’s lawyer. You are also at the complete mercy of the court system.

With an experienced litigation attorney, you can better face a construction dispute. Our firm works to ensure you are prepared for legal battles and that you understand all your options and what might be at stake so you can make the best possible decisions.