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Strategies to protect your credit score during a divorce

Payment histories and how much debt you currently hold are the most important factors that could alter your credit score. Since a divorce can result in added expenses, it's important to watch these two factors as they apply to the amount of credit card and other debt you're currently holding.

My ex won't let me have the kids this Christmas: What can I do?

One source of post-divorce stress for many parents can involve their conflicting views about how to share their children on special occasions, like Christmas, Easter, birthdays and other special times of the year. If your spouse doesn't want you to have the kids this Christmas, the question of what you can do about it can only be answered in the context of your parenting plan and child custody agreement.

Should I hire an attorney for my surrogacy arrangements?

The modern world comes with numerous advantages -- such as the ability to hire someone to carry your baby for you. Surrogacy is the use of reproductive technology to artificially inseminate a woman or to implant an embryo in a surrogate mother, who will allow the baby to gestate in her womb.

2 potential divorce problems and how to avoid them

American spouses don't always stay in their marriages until "happily ever after." If you're reading this article, that may be true for you and you're considering getting a divorce. However, if you don't plan for your divorce the right way, you could encounter problems – which is one of the reasons why having an experienced legal counselor by your side throughout the process is immeasurably valuable.

Why has there been an increase in divorces after the age of 50?

Everyone is talking about the rise in divorce after the age of 50 as if it were a strange phenomenon. However, if you set aside the fact that the divorce process can be different because older spouses have more assets to divvy up, the reasons for an older couple's divorce tend to be the same as for their younger counterparts. The top divorce reasons for younger spouses -- like infidelity, substance abuse, "growing apart" or "not being in love anymore" -- are also the top reasons for older spouses.

When do judges invalidate prenuptial agreements?

If you're reading this article you probably fall into one of two categories: You signed a prenuptial agreement before marriage and your spouse is challenging it during your divorce, or you want to challenge the document because it's unfair or invalid. If you want to know whether the prenuptial agreement at issue will hold up in court, look at the following reasons why courts commonly invalidate prenuptials:

The difference between legal and physical child custody

When a parent is in the throes of a child custody dispute, the process will activate a lot of strong emotions and fears. No one wants to think about the idea of not being able to live with his or her children full time. However, that's exactly what could be on the line in the average child custody disagreement.

Single mothers can demand child support by proving paternity

Are you pregnant but the father is denying responsibility? According to state law, the biological father of your child is legally required to contribute financially to the cost of raising your child by paying child support. As such, it's your right to step forward and file the appropriate paperwork to prove paternity in court. If you need to do this, keep reading.

Who gets to keep the family dog during a divorce?

In the case of a contentious divorce – where the spouses can't agree on anything – it may be particularly difficult for one spouse to give up the family dog in the name of diplomacy. In these situations, family court judges will face the next-to-impossible task of rendering a fair ruling on the issue: Who gets to keep the family pet in a divorce?

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